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Buzz Lightyear

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Join the adventure with Buzz Lightyear, the iconic space
ranger from the beloved Toy Story franchise. With his
sleek design, advanced features, and boundless bravery,
Buzz Lightyear is ready to take kids to infinity and beyond!

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Product Detail

Join Buzz Lightyear on an out-of-this-world adventure! This Buzz Lightyear action figure brings the beloved character to life with incredible detail and interactive features. Kids can imagine themselves as space rangers, exploring distant planets and battling evil forces alongside Buzz. With his voice command, laser action, and posable joints, Buzz Lightyear provides endless fun and imaginative play for Toy Story fans of all ages.

Key Features:

Space Ranger Gear: Buzz Lightyear comes equipped with his signature space ranger suit, complete with a helmet, jetpack, and wrist communicator. Kids can imagine themselves soaring through space and defending the galaxy from evil.

Interactive Voice Command: Activate Buzz Lightyear's voice command feature by pressing the button on his chest. He responds with a variety of phrases and sound effects, bringing the character to life and adding to the immersive play experience.

Light-up Laser Action: Press the button on Buzz's arm to activate his light-up laser and sound effects. Kids can aim, shoot, and take on any intergalactic threats that come their way.

Poseable Joints: Buzz Lightyear is fully poseable, allowing for dynamic and action-packed play. With his articulated limbs, kids can create their own exciting poses and reenact their favorite scenes from the movies.

Authentic Movie Detailing: From his vibrant colors to the intricate details on his suit, Buzz Lightyear captures the essence of the character from the Toy Story films. It's like having your very own Buzz Lightyear right at home!

Reviews (36)

Sarah Roberts

My son absolutely loves his Buzz Lightyear toy! The interactive voice command feature and light-up laser action make it so much fun for him to play with.

Mark Larson

As a longtime fan of Toy Story, I couldn't resist getting the Buzz Lightyear toy for myself. It's a fantastic collectible with great articulation and accurate movie detailing.

Michael Thompson

Buzz Lightyear has become my son's new favorite toy. He loves how Buzz talks and responds to his commands.

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